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Well, it happened, sort of. I drove 5 kilometers after the computer said "--- kilomters to empty". Then I parked it for a few days and in the back of my mind, I was thinking that I should fill it

So last night I started it and it wouldn't. Tried a minute later and again no go. Third time it started and it stalled right after. Oh s#!t !! Great... So I used a little brain and rolled the car backwards and shaking the car side to side and it started like normal. Great! And it ran fine so to the gas station I went thinking I would put in 77 or 78 liters. Nope, 67 liters!

Now I am thinking that they put in the wrong size tank...from the NA S60? The service guy thinks the computer is tricking the engine and will look at it when I bring it in. I mean, sure I could fill it up earlier, but if you have 80 liters, I am leaving a 120km of range in the tank...why?

By the way I got 610km on a tank of mostly city 80% of the time. I averaged 25.7mpg - 10.9L/100km, which is fantastic. By the way my trip computer says I average...10.9L, very accurate indeed!
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