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I know that the PEM and various other fuel-pump and fuel pressure issues are discussed in many threads, but since this is a bit of a different question, I thought I'd start a new thread. Also, since my car is a C70, which has more limited forum participation, I'm posting it in both the C70 and S40/V50 forums..

I know that some time ago, there was a recall and/or extended warranty put in place on the PEM. (Basically it was a recall in states that have a lot of road salt usage, and just an extended warranty in warmer states.)

Prior to this, the PEM was located under the car. In front of the right-rear wheel on some models, and (I think) by the fuel tank on other models. The PEM was therefore prone to early failure and problems due to corrosion, dirt, fouled connectors, etc. The fix (either via recall or extended warranty) was to replace the PEM, AND to re-locate the new PEM inside the car (usually underneath the rear seat).

My basic question is - did Volvo also change the PEM location on new production, for all models? I would assume so. But I haven't seen any info as to when the re-location of the PEM happened in production. In particular, when it happened for C70's, and the related models (C30, S40, V50, etc.)

My C70 is a 2007. If my PEM is still under the car, would it be in front of the RR wheel, as with (apparently) similar-year S40's? Or was the PEM already re-located prior to my car being built? Maybe I received info years ago from Volvo about an extended warranty, but I don't remembers anything...
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