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Hi all,

I'm looking at a second set of wheels for my 2012 XC70 to make snow tire swapping easier. On my local CL there's a set of nice 5-spoke wheels from a 2009 S80, 17" diameter. I'm 99% sure these will fit the XC no problem, but they do not come with TPMS. I know there was a change in TPMS technology in Volvos around 2010 / 2011 (?) so I'm curious if the sensors that work with my 2012 will fit OK on the wheels from the '09.

Maybe I'm WAY overthinking this, as long as I get the right sensors, it'll be fine. But these things can be finicky and they're not cheap, so I want to get this right, once. The wheels are less than $400/set, but by the time I add the sensors it's around $700 and then I need tires.

So then I come full circle and say, either wait for a full set with TPMS to come up on CL or get a whole new setup from TireRack and be done with it.

But I like the design of the 5-spokes from the S80, and these are close by and a decent price... so I welcome your thoughts.

This is the wheel in question:

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