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Wheels for an 850 Wagon

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I have a 1996 850 Turbo wagon in red with tinted windows. Well currently I have 15" steel wheels with hubcaps, and to be honest, I've seen very few 850 Turbo wagons with Columbas. I am looking into getting some alloy wheels for my 850 but have a couple questions.

1) What is the maximum size of rims I could put on without getting low profile tires?

2) Can anyone make any recommendations for awesome looking wheels for it?

3)If I get larger than 15" wheels, I will need to get new tires. What would be some good tires to get? (I want all-season).

I will probably buy them in the fall or even next spring, but I just want to look at my options for wheels first.

And for reference, here is a picture of my Volvo.

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Re: Wheels for an 850 Wagon (hystericstarlight)

Nevermind. My friend is selling his 850 sedan soon and is going to give me a good deal on his Cetus wheels.
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