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Wheel Spacers & Hub-centric wheels

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Regarding these type of wheel spacers..

If you go with too thick of a spacer...are there any issues with the wheel not getting enough support from the hub center?
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Re: Wheel Spacers & Hub-centric wheels (Jersey R)

I don't think I'd go longer than 5mm so at least there's some hub support. I run generic 5mm with no problems and I used epoxy to secure them to the hub so taking the wheel on/off is much easier.
Re: Wheel Spacers & Hub-centric wheels (Jersey R)

The problem with those kind of spacers is that they are not hub centric. There is a "potential" for you to get some vibration because the wheels will not be planted firmly onto the hub and they will have to rely on the torque of the lugs to maintain being centered.

I would say that using universal spacers would be fine for the small size, such as 5mm, but beyond that I would not recommend it. Other communities such as VW do all kinds of crazy stuff, but personally I do not want to wear out any essential parts in that area and I do not want anything to break because of extra stress.

There are 1/2 inch 5x108 spacers on that site, but once again they are not hub centric.
I'm running 10mm front and 15mm rear no problems thus far. You should get the hub centric spacers though makes a difference.
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