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wheel cleaner

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I have 17" Tethys Alloy Wheels..cleaning them all the way through is a pain..any suggestions? I saw an Armorall product, but it had many cautions on it and I am wary of just "spray and rinse."
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I just posted on the detailing forum a while back. Try Maguires Hot Rims...pink transparent bottle....this stuff works great...Wal Mart Carries It

This is a spray and rinse...I've been using it on my 2000 v70 SE (six spoke 15" not sure of name" no problems...my mother in law uses it on her 2002 v70 as well.....you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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Hey Tony....If you want to pick some up just drop by a Canadian Tire.....everything from tires to BBq's to TV's....
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