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Okay, I've stumped everyone I've talked to so far... any of you folks have any ideas what this might be?

For the past six months, when I get my '93 850 up to about 70 MPH, I would get a steady vibration and my steering wheel would start shimmying back and forth. When I stepped on the brakes, I felt a pulsing, almost as if the ABS system had kicked in. I would take it back up to 70, then mysteriously it would disappear, only to re-occur a few more miles down the road. Now it does it at almost all speeds, and the pulsing is more pronounced.

I just checked the alignment, balance (twice), and had the brakes checked out (and replaced one of the rotors). All fine. Any thing else anyone can think of? My mechanic is stumped.

The only other things I can think of might be:
Bad tire
Bad bearing
Bad brake calipers or ABS system
A gear not connecting properly somewhere between the transmission and the wheel
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