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what's the big deal about the mitsubishi influence

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I've been really enjoying my car and i do a lot of reading about the car, and I am kind of fed up with articles saying that it's an overpriced mitsubisihi.

So far as I can tell, the main contribution from Mitsubishi is the body/sub-frame, right? The 1.9T started out as a mitsubishi engine, but it was modified by Volvo. The drivetrain, interior and equipment are volvo, right? In fact I think it works to our advantage, because FINALLY I have a car with a popular bolt pattern (4x114.3), and hopefully I will be able to find a good selection of wheels.

If volvo wasn't confident of the platform, they wouldn't have built a btcc car on it. Besides, lots of car manufacturers borrow cars. The Qvale is mostly ford parts, all the way down to the ignition key, and if the rumors are true, the next S40 will be on the ford chasis. BMW and Audi parts appear in other cars (even outside of their related families such as VW). Doesn't the McLauren use a BMW engine? same difference as an s40 using mitsubishi parts.
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The 1.9T engine is pure Volvo. It is based off of the modular family of Volvo engines that started with the 2.9 liter inline-6 that was first used in the 960 in 1991. The inline-5 is based off of the inline-6 and the inline-4 is based off of the inline-5. They only real contribution from Mitsubish is the frame and not much else. I think the negative criticism comes from people who really don't know the facts, although I do think that diehard Volvo enthuisiats do feel a little Japanese influence in the car, which is not that much at all. With the right set of wheels, the S40 is a sweet little car.

I have to agree that it is at least over priced for what you get.

The frame does have a lot to do with how the car feels, and it feels like a Mitsubishi. I think most die-hard Volvo drivers and others who drive European cars will agree that it does not feel like a true Volvo. It makes me nervous driving this car on road trips. It feels very light an loose. Not at all solid and stable like a true European car. Just listen to how the door shuts, sounds like a tin can, not a nice solid thud.
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