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Re: Whats the best way to wash our cars? (Dharam66)


The way I do it:
2 buckets
Meguiar Sponge (it'll go through the emblems without ripping the sponge) and a couple of other sponges
Meguiar Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner
Sonus RimBright for the wheels (better for wheel finish)
The Absorber Chamois
Meguiar Quik Detailer
MrClean Autodry.

I wash the wheels and the body kit first using the other sponge. Then the body using Meguiar Sponge, top to bottom. Then I sprayed the "dry mode" part of Mr.Clean (filtered water), then dry them using the Absorber. Finish off with the Quik Detailer.

Usually takes 1-2 hours alone throughout the whole process, from hosing down to drying the little details (door jambs etc). Now that's with a silver car
. The Black R, .... that's another story.

Interior also another story..
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