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Hey everyone. I need your opinions. Do you think it would be worth having all of this stuff fixed on my '94 850 Auto with about 130k? Here's the list (to get all of this fixed should it be under $1,000?)

-Power antenna broken (won't go up or down)

-Leather on the drivers seat is torn

-Power drivers seat is broken, with the back
Part stuck down

-Half the time it won't come out of park
Without using the shift lock override button

-The temp display doesn't light up anymore,
Nor does half the radio buttons, the P-N-R,
heated seat buttons..etc.

-Passenger side heated seat doesn't work

-Drivers door doesn't stay open, and the window constantly comes off track

-Drivers door needs a new leather panel

-It won't come out of 'Sport' mode, the
button is broken

-I need all four new cup holders (yea, these
are little things but I want the car
looking/feeling new again)

-All four of the front bumper panels were

-drivers mudguard is loose

-Trunk is missing all of the clips that keep the liner attached to the interior of the car

-At times ALL of the lights on the dash come on and blink for a few seconds

I really love this car and I would be sad to sell it. It's saved my and a few of my family's lives a few times. It 'was' a hand me down car, which is why it's in this condition. IF I decide to fix it I will have it detailed as soon as it's back. Hopefully it will cost less than 1K to get all of that stuff working. I'm not even sure what's wrong with the engine. Currently the CEL and service engine soon lights are lit

If anyone knows where I could get some of the parts to do any of the fixing up please let me know. I'd really like to get a new leather seat.

Sorry for the long post

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if it was a hand-me-down then spending a $1000 really isn't much for what you will then have is a new car, ya think? if you sell the car, plus add a $1000...you will probably find a different Volvo w/possibly more miles and those problems may pop up after you've owned it for a couple of months and you're back down $1000.

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check the engine first... it doesn't seem like your other problems would kill it. check to see if the timing belt is changed first. it's supposed to be changed every 70k so you're coming up to it pretty soon.

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Like most 850s these faults are mostly electrical - go to a vehicle electrical specialist rather than a Volvo main dealer and check that he knows his Volvos before leaving yours.

The door trim and shut problems could be due to impact - a body shop will confirm this and sort out the problems.

They should also be able to get some clips for your boot trim.

The expensive bit will be the missing leather trim - this will mean a search round scrapyards rather than a £100-plus part from your dealer.

The auto box probably has a dodgy PNP switch and needs a thorough contact cleaning session - some new ATF would also help.

The torn leather can be fixed by the body shop's contract upholsterers - do this after the electrical bits have been sorted.

Get quotes first before confirming, though some jobs may be conditional on what's actually wrong. The seat for instance could be a blown fuse or a burnt-out motor.

Most of your dash will have to come out to sort your electrical gremlins; make sure that the clips are back in, which is why you need the body shop bits AFTER the heavy-handed electricians have been all over it.

Good luck!
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