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Today I am either planning on getting a 2.5" straight pipe cat back exhaust (mandrel bent of course) or should I get a fuel pressure regulator?? Also If i do not replace my stock muffler could I run 2.5" pipes to it, or should I just run the straight pipes. Thanks
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DONT use the stock silencer... its designed for the smaller piping, and would defeat the purpose of getting an exhuast. Get a high flow silencer... or even two... IF WE HAD SOUND FILES of Kai's you could hear what it sounds like, BUT havn't been able to pull that one yet... w/o a silencer your head would probably explode if you ever went on a trip...
Not my recomendation...
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Have you seen the stock silencer? Its HUGE
Did they cut 2.5in holes in it, or did they cut the pipe and weld it to those? Otherwise, you get an hour glass effect... The stock silencer wasn't designed for air flow... it was designed to get things as quiet as possible... (it is a luxury car)
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