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what tires are you using?

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I want everyone with Titans or Volans to post what brand and model of tire they are using, as well as the size. Also, if you have any comments on the tire, post those as well.

I am running 205/45/17 Pirelli P zeros, dry traction= incredible!
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I'm also using Pirelli's now but need to replace them in the spring. Anyone have experience with Yoko or Kuhmo vs. the pirelli's?? Thx for the advise!
I run Pzero's as well and am on my second set. They work well, as far as I know the Pirrada's make a little more noise, they look really mean as far as tread patterns go, so do the A520's, they all have good grip dry and not a very long life when driven hard.
I had Kumho Ecstas fitted by the dealer I bought the car from - recently I replaced them with Michelin Pilot Sports all round.

The Pilots definitely have better handling and also have moderated the harsh ride of the R.

As far as longevity is concerned, UK owners have found that P Zeros disappear almost daily and that their performance advantage does not compensate for this.

I'll have a better view on the Michelins in time and when the weather allows me to test their dry road handling!
Currently i am running on Toyo Proxes FZ4 205 45 17, but am getting tire spin with only minor mods. I am planning on switching to Bridgestone Potenza S-03's in 215 40 17. Great for the dry and wet (better for oregon!!!)

I've heard from people and magazines that these are the sh1t, so i'm gonna give them a whirl.
Do you want to know how good the 15" Bridgestone RE71's were?
Great grip wet or dry. Very quiet for the type of tire and good treadwear for a soft compound. I'd buy more if I could find them!!!

I'd get the Bridgestone RE730's if they came in the size I wanted.
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Michelin MXV4 Plus 195/60/15 long life, not so quiet, ok grip, from Costco ($1.50 hot dog w/soda). I am going to put the Mich Pilot XGT next time around. I wish they still made the MXV2 that came OEM for my 94 GLT.
I went from Michelin XGT's to Nokain NRZi's and love them. I feel they are a much higher quality tyre and provide better grip and handling in any weather condition.
S-03 in the front, S-02 in the rear. Can't ask for anything better~!
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