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What size tires are you running

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Hey im looking for some low profile summer tires. im going to throw them on the 18 inch pegs. i was wondering what thickness of tire you run.
i was looking at 235/40/18 but i was wondering if i could run a lower profile tire. any suggestions. (i tried searching on the search engine because i know how you guys keep hinting that i ask repetative questions)
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Re: What size tires are you running (p0cket penguins)

Most of the summer only tires for the 18" pegs are already low profile. Almost any of them will look less thick in the sidewall as compared to the stock pirellis. I wouldn't go with a very low profile tire do to the peg's susceptibility to denting since they are so soft. This is a quick way to a bent rim or worse. If you want a lower profile, change the rim as well.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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