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Re: What should I be paying for a 2003 XC90 T6 ?? (tweekme)


I LOVE my XC90, and personally I wouldn't pay anything for a 2003 T6. You've gotta figure there's got to be some strong reasons for a company to stop selling a vehicle after only 3 production years. Lot's of problems with the 03 T6.....transmission, alignment, suspension, elctrical, etc. CR (for what it's worth) lists it as one of the "used cars to avoid".

If you can't afford to reach up to an 05 V8, I'd stick with the 2.5 litre. Here in Atlanta, it should be enough to pull the boat to Lanier or Allatoona and back.

Otherwise, I'd look at something else like a Durango or something and go back for a XC90 V8 after a couple more years of depreciation when they're in your price range.
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