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What is towing capacity for the 2007 I-6 AWD XC90?

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Does anyone know the towing capacity for the '07 with the I6?


Thanks, Ben
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Re: (Emission)

if it doesn't run - it can't tow - I owned an '85 Audi 5000 and an '85 Volvo 740 - I stayed far away from VAG products ever since. The cars were night and day difference. VAG can build good engines but the entire rest of that '85 Audi was crap. Volvo does bother me with this VADIS stuff. I think the Toyota he has would make a better towing vehicle then either the VW or Volvo (admittedly I haven't checked its towing capacity). The only reason to me replace it is to get Volvo's safety features - which is a very good reason.
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