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Quote, originally posted by rollie »
Every XC90 I've ever owned/read about has the same 5,000 lb towing capacity. This is much the same for most SUVs and their variants. The reason for this is typically (not always) because it is the suspension that defines the towing limit, not the engine.

Actually, the limit is typically defined by a combination of the chassis, brakes, transmission and engine.

The chassis is the same for all models of XC90.

All the gas engines available on the XC90 (2.5T, T6, V8 and the newer I6) are sufficiently powerful to pull 5000 lbs. Of course, the 0-60 times will be different and they will behave differently when facing a big steep hill. But, overloading a mechanical device (transmission and engine) for too long can cause failures.

IMHO, the biggest limiting factor in the XC90 are the brakes. You need to be able to control and stop that load when needed...
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