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What is towing capacity for the 2007 I-6 AWD XC90?

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Does anyone know the towing capacity for the '07 with the I6?


Thanks, Ben
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Re: What is towing capacity for the 2007 I-6 AWD XC90? (1sttimevolvo)

"When properly equipped" will tow up to 5,000 lbs? Meaning equipped with the V8?

According to 2006 specs, the 2.5T will tow 4,000 while the V8 will tow 5,000......

Re: What is towing capacity for the 2007 I-6 AWD XC90? (1sttimevolvo)

Excellent! Thanks! Ben
Re: (ig_mb)

Thanks all for your input.

The reason I ask, my wife and I are considering an XC90 to replace our Sequoia (see my other thread).

We've got a 2001 Coachment Catalina Lite 249QB travel trailer, sitting at 4325# in the driveway with full propane tanks. I believe tongue weight is right about 500#. Trailer has electric brakes, and I have a Reese Dual-Cam anti-sway hitch with weight distribution.

I read that the 5000# mark is intended for up to 300# of passengers and gear....if you go between 200-600lbs, max towing drops to 4500#. Past 600# in the tow vehicle, the trailer rating drops to 3700#s......I Understand.

My wife, I, the dog, and some gear (plus the weight of the Reese Dual-Cam hitch components) would put us near, but under 600# in the truck.

Loaded with some food, gear, etc, the camper would be near, but under 4500#. We wont be carrying water or sewage either direction;)

The 24' trailer is within acceptable length for the truck....based on Wheelbase, overhang, etc.

So, we're nearly maxed on all fronts, and I understand that. Near max weight, tongue weight, etc.

No, the XC90 is not the ideal tow vehicle for this trailer, BUT......we're only going to be towing this a few (2,000 miles, maybe?) per year ......not like we're traveling the country 12 months a year. I'd much rather drive an XC90 than the Sequoia.....and I cant afford a seperate tow vehicle.

I imagine the V8 would be most ideal for towing.......how about the new I6? Is towing with the turbos safe, or is it just asking to fry a turbo?

If the XC90 doesnt work, we'll probably buy a V8 Touareg, which is a bit smaller but rated for 7700# towing, so we have more "margin" though I realize many of these ##s are simply made-up in the first place.
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Re: (swedishiron)

Thanks to all for the input thus far.

Regarding reliability of VW versus Volvo....

I've currently got a '96 Jetta w/ 185k on it, as well as an '05 Passat with about 12k.....love 'em both. I had an '03 Jetta VR6 that VW bought back because they couldnt fix an oil leak it had. There are good and bad apples in each bunch.

The Touareg had a ton of problems in 2004 when it was introduced......the 2005s were better, and 2006 has been very good thus far. This info courtesy of VWVortex, and confirmed by my service advisor at Betten Imports VW/Volvo in Grand Rapids, MI. He said that the '04 Touareg had a lot of problems, but that there are fixes for all the "bugs" at this point.......

In all honesty, I like the interior (size and styling) of the Volvo the best. BUT, it really is not an optimal tow vehicle for our camper......the Touareg is a nice vehicle, and may suit us just fine if I can locate a nice V8 to procure for a test drive (the only example the dealer had was a used V6 with vinyl, yuck!).

As for the Sequoia--yes it may be a better tow vehicle (as far as stability, as far as power both the XC90 V8 and Touareg V8 will pull much easier)........but Toyota reliability (on the Tundra/Sequoia) is perhaps not as incredible as everyone thinks, at least for 2001/2002 years. Lots of A/C problems, OD-planetary gears causing lots of transmissions to grenade, etc etc. Not a perfect vehicle, by any means, though ours has treated us well.

All in all, I'm a little leery of pulling a 5000 load with the XC90.....

Anyway, keep the thoughts coming!

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