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What is this connector under the drivers side backseat on 04 s60 R?

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So I discovered the culprit of both the leak in my car and the cause of why my brake lights were staying on, apparently the guy before me jacked with the sunroof and removed it with a bunch of pieces and when he reinstalled it, the guy had no clue what he was doing and was probably smoking the devil's lettuce while attempting to put it back together.

I mean, on top of the screwed up sunroof, the guy forgot to plug the rear drivers side drain in and it kept dumping water in and getting the connectors under the drivers side back seat wet and corroding which caused the brake lights to stay on, my question is, what is the biggest plug under the backseat on the 04 R?

I am currently in possession of an 07 2.5t that I'm using as a donor car which is kind of helping, but I looked for this same plug in the same location and it's not there on the 07, may Volvo have moved this connector to a different place on the 07 or since it is only a 2.5t do they not come with this connector?
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Is it corroded that bad? Can't repair?

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Looks like it, it looks like one of the pins rotted off inside the connector so I have to replace both male and female ends.
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