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I have had rattle that seems to come from fromt suspension for half a year. It is a low frequency vibration noise that might relate to this TJ :

TJ 34246.5.0
TITLE: SPA Brake noise

Rattle/clapper noise: Low frequency vibration noise over bumpy road (ex: gravel road)

• Change to damped dust shield (Protecting plate) according to VIDA (all service part dust shields (Protecting plates) are damped)

• VST Operation No.
77062-2 Wheel x2 remove - install / replace
51147-3 Brake discs front x2 replace
99921-2 Change to damped dust shield


I have talked to tech guy of Volvo in my country and mentioned about this TJ (I did it before for left engine pad click sound that they never heard about it until I showed then the TJ). Unfortunately this TJ is not available in my country (I suppose that any TJs can be applied worldwide).

Since the rattle is really annoying so I decide to damp the dust shield myself. Anybody has the damped dust shield install? Please share me the pic or the idea how and what they use to damp it.

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