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What do you think?

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I found a 1996 850R going for $8995 w/150k on the clock what do you guys think about the price w/ the mileage? Also what should I look for if I go to check this car out(common problems).
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A little bit pricey, from dealer or private seller? Ask for ALL the service records, and take the VIN down for vehicle accident history check, other than that, the usual test drive and pay attention to the sound from the engine, look for any weird noise.
Thanks for the info, it's a used car dealership.
Check for the condition of the wheels and bumper corners which will indicate the care from previous owners, as well as the upholstery which will cost a fortune to fix if it's damaged.

Tyres should be the same across the axle - tread depth is not as important as the wear pattern; worn shoulders mean that the tracking is out - a bad sign of a careless owner.

They should also be the same make and type on a particular axle - if not, walk away.

Estates often have rattly tailgate trim and check the wells in the back for water leaks.

Saloons have clogged drain holes in the boot (trunk) bulkhead behind the rear window - these can be rodded or blown clear.

Dashboards are endemically creaky, but can be cured over time.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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