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What are my headlight options? (help?)

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I recently installed some aftermarket low beams and high beams. Lows are 6000k, highs are 8000k.

First off my headlights are pointed toward the ground, so I took the lights out and raised them back up, 2 days later....they fell back down.... and the field of "light" Is really narrow and I cant see anything at night without my brights on.

So basically I want some badass HID's or something, but what can I do in the meantime while my headlights are pointed down and towards the center of the road..
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Re: What are my headlight options? (Kallvin22)

SharpHID has some great HID lights, they are made by DDM. I have the 55w 6000k kit and never had any problems and they were super easy to install, and the difference between my stock halogen and the HID really is like night and day. I was seriously scared to drive my car at night because the stock lights sucked (even after swapping in new bulbs).
Re: What are my headlight options? (carreragt7)

Alright I'll look into it, thank you!!
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