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After picking up my V50 T5 AWD a few weeks ago, I was kinda terrified I would find something at the show that was cheaper, and I wanted more. I looked at the new GTI, new Passat, Audi A3 and A4, BMW 325xit as well as a couple of Subarus, and a Mazda 6 wagon. Just for kicks, I even looked at a Cadillac Csumthingorother.

Well, I must say, I walked away from all of them, knowing I made the right choice. There was NOTHING that I liked more than my car, especially in the same or cheaper price range. In fact, they had a Sapphire Black 2.4i V50 there, and I thought it was the nicest car in the show. Considering mine is the same colour, but awd, 6 speed, I KNOW I did right.

That's all, just wanted to share my little experience.

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