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well there goes the headliner.

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So im driving home from work today at 3pm and its one of the first really nice days. all 4 windows are down nice cool breeze while im cruising at 90 down the highway. well to make a long story short the orange poop behind the headliner got in my eyes. a couple rips in the head liner, and now the breeze ate it all up. so i took all of it off the sunroof. im planning on redoing it this weekend. and suggestions/ advice.
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Re: well there goes the headliner. (gdill2)

i looked on IPD and i think im gonna use there instrustions, and just take the old foam down and make my own headliner. considering im not a big fan of the color anyways.
Re: well there goes the headliner. (danemodsandy)

thats why it goes sooo ****ty. well thanx for the heads up. right now im thinking about leaving it bare for a while, until i figure out exactly what i want to do. caging it is an option right now
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Re: well there goes the headliner. (Edjec)

anyone have any Caged 744, or pics of any.
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