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Re: well there goes the headliner. (Punkerton)


If you intend to do the headliner yourself, you need to know that Volvo used a special 1/8" thick headliner material, not the 1/4" stuff most automakers use. You can get the 1/8" on ebay and through IPD. I've heard some people say that you can use the 1/4" stuff IF you do not have a sunroof, but if you have a sunroof, you must get hold of the 1/8" material. If you use the 1/4" stuff with a sunroof, it's too thick, and the sunroof can't operate properly.

Also, if you have a sunroof, be aware that IPD's instructions don't cover the sunroof headliner, only the main headliner. The site George linked you to does have info on the sunroof.

Good luck-
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