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Hello everyone,
I'm an American member of the Svenska Volvo C70 Klubben, a Sweden-based club founded last year to celebrate the first-gen C70 Coupe and Convertible. Because the second-gen C70 is ending production at Uddevalla next summer (making them instant classics!), the Club has recently decided to admit second-gen cars as well.

Here's the item on their website (http://www.svenskavolvoc70klubben.se/indexeng.html) :

Are you driving a Volvo C70 2006-2013??

The Volvo C70 club is about to expand its area of interest to cover also the all new Volvo C70N. Are you driving a Volvo C70 model year 2006-2013? Welcome to enrol as a member in the Swedish Volvo C70-club! At our AGM next May members will vote on a change in the statutes in order to encompass the Volvo C70N 2006-2013! This is as a result of Volvo terminating the making of the car in june 2013.

We hope you'll consider joining the Svenska Volvo C70 Klubben- they're a great group of enthusiasts! :D
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