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Since about a week ago, my '98 S70 2.5 LPT has started making more noise than previously. It is especially noticeable above 40mph. It's not a clunking type of sound that might be linked to engine mounts, nor a whining sound that could be caused by a belt, more like the engine is just making a louder, more "raucous" sound. I first noticed it on a good smooth stretch of highway that has been repaved recently, and where there was almost pin-drop silence in the car before, now the noise level is clearly higher. The sound increases slightly along with the speed, and is not affected by whether I am pressing on the accelerator or not. It sort of reminds me of the sound you hear in some really old cars which haven't been too well maintained (granted, my car is quite old, but it was always very quiet and this just happened pretty much from one day to the next).

I realize it's difficult come up with answers to a noise-related question on a forum, and I'll probably have it checked at the garage soon, but it'll be a couple of weeks before they can give me an appointment, so in the meantime, any inputs would be appreciated.

Also, I don't know if it's connected, but in the last couple of weeks, the car has twice randomly stalled. The first time, I was accelerating after having stopped at a traffic light, and all of a sudden I felt a loss of power, so I pressed harder on the pedal and that's when it stalled (it's an automatic). I restarted it and then drove home and it was fine. The second time, I was on the highway when I felt it was about to stall, so instead of flooring it, I took my foot off the pedal, and then just lightly and slowly put it on again. I was just about able to keep the car at cruising speed but as soon as I tried to give more power, it would start stuttering again. After I exited the highway, it stalled completely, and stalled several times on the way home. When it stalls, the check engine light turns on, but only stays on for about a day.

I had a rapid look online for the stalling problem, and found that either turbo/intercooler piping or the MAF sensor were the most likely culprits. Now I just cleaned the MAF sensor connector and drove around the block, and it didn't stall, but that doesn't mean it's fixed, since the stalling doesn't occur systematically.

Could both the noise issue and the stalling be caused by a leak in the turbo piping? Or are they most likely unrelated problems? Apart from the two times when the car stalled, I don't notice any change in performance/power since the noise started.
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