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I was doing some research on MSN autos and through the comparison function it shows an 05 R sedan MT 120 lbs lighter than an 06 R sedan MT.
I do not know the accuracy of this data. Would there be a reason for the 05 being a little less heavy than an 06? I know that the auto transmission is different but this was a comp of the MT.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Weight of the 05 Vs 06 (tonynyva)

The "official" internal data that I've been able to review indicates the following:

2005 S60 R M = 3693

2006 S60 R M = 3693

Be careful when you do research on msn autos. While they tend to have "pleasurable" reads, I've noticed that they rarely get their facts straight . . . especially when concerning Volvo.

Some of their previous articles pertaining to Volvos have been so muddled with misinformation that I've actually had to send multiple emails to them so that they can get their facts straight.
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