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Wax on grey moldings....

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I recently waxed my 850 and i guess i did a sloppy job and managed to get Eagle one wax&polish all over my Front and rear bumper. After i wash the car i can cover up the white areas with armorall but thats only good until the next wash.... is there anyway to permently remove the wax from my moldings???
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I use the Back to Black spray - there are various types, but the best for polish removal IMO is the spirit-based one that refreshes the plastic rather than paints it.

Spray, wipe and job done.
ah ha thanks for the advice
This might sound strange, but hot melted peanut butter really does work. It helps dissolve the 'white' wax that gets stuck in the fine rubber crevices. I know a lot of S80 owners who have done this with success. Something to think about, if all else fails.

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Wow, I never would have thought of that one. I've got some wax on my 850's bumpers. I'll have to go out and pick up some skippy.
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