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First-time poster here. I've recently purchased a 2009 XC90 3.2 AWD for my wife. We love the car but I've noticed a minor issue. After rain, water seems to pool in the front door sills on both sides of the car. When the front doors are opened, the water spills out. There is no water inside the car. I've read that the sunroof drains can be problematic on these cars, but I understand this generally leads to water inside the car in the footwell, not in the door sills, so I don't think this is the problem.

A potential fix that has been suggested on another Volvo forum (don't recall which one) is to cut a notch into the weatherstripping around the door sills to allow the water to drain out, but this treats the symptom rather than the cause. Has anyone else experienced this? Any fixes other than cutting the weatherstripping?

Oddly, the water trail seems to start at the door lock mechanism and descends along the door to the bottom, where it presumably (?) drips onto the door sills.

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