"So what's it like?" asks Autocar's Matt Prior driving the Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing restomod somewhere in the rainy UK. "It's fantastic," he says after a stunned giggle.

And what more need be said about a car designed-er, sorry, restored by Volvo's racing team and based on one of Volvo's most attractive ever creations? Nothing, really, but it is fun to say more anyway.

What's particularly interesting about this car is that it is, in many ways, proof that turbocharging has reached a new height. The restomod character of the car means that the P1800 Cyan Racing has to live up to imaginary standards. You might as well be introducing people to Speed Racer and asking them about their experience. How do you live up to memories of childhood whimsy?

With a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine making more than 400 hp, that can continue to build power as it reaches up into the highest pitches of the rev range. People have been arguing about whether or not the turbocharged engines that came to define the twenty-teens were actually fuel-efficient or good, but what more proof do you need than someone giggling away on a presumably Welsch b-road?

"The short of it is, it's wonderful," says Prior, still only 5 minutes into a ten-minute video. And from then on he continues to sing its praises. Makes you wish you had a couple hundred grand lying around, doesn't it?