There are times when trying to condense everything that has happened in a video into a headline is difficult. So much is going on in this video that it’s kind of hard to describe in a single thought.

Volvo Trucks is updating four of its trucks (important ones, apparently) and they wanted to find a way to get truckers hyped. Since Volvo Trucks apparently has access to the best advertising department in the market ( see: JCVD splits ) an insane stunt was inevitable.

Volvo, the car brand, also has a rich history of fun ads, so why not reference its most notable ad? The tower of Volvos . But simply replacing the cars with trucks wasn’t enough. No, since Volvo Trucks haul, Volvo Trucks can haul Volvo Trucks.

But that still wasn’t enough. If we learned anything from that Jean-Claude Van Damme ad, it’s that people respond to seeing people. And since Volvo Truck’s president Roger Alm is so proud of his trucks, let’s put him on top of the 50-foot tall, 64-ton tower of trucks.

So with Alm astride his tower of trucks, in the middle of a thunder storm, riding down the street like a full-on super villain, with wolves for some reason, Volvo Trucks should be able to sell some of its new Volvo trucks. 

So yeah. That’s the ad.

And the best part of all is that if you watch the behind-the-scenes footage (above), you see that they pretty much just put the trucks on top of each other and drove. Like, there are some concessions to safety, but there’s no real trickery. Roger Alm really just is a bad ass.

“I cannot really compare it to anything because I’ve not done anything similar to that before,” said Alm. But be careful, because now that he’s gotten a taste for these baroque displays who knows what will come next.