Video reviews of the Polestar 2 are finally trickling out of Europe and as you might expect, the conclusions are quite good. 

CarWow’s Mat Watson takes you through his initial impressions of the interior—which being Volvo-derived is excellent—and the driving impressions—which being electric are impressive.

The marquee feature, according to Watson, though, is the new infotainment system. With a massive vertical screen it not only looks impressive but it runs impressively, too. 

That’s because Volvo, whose Achilles heel has been its infotainment, farmed out the work of designing and engineering the system to Google, which is pretty good at that kind of thing.

The system runs on the Android OS, which means that it can run Google Maps, Spotify, and more right from the screen—so you don’t even need to worry about Android Auto.

Those of you who an iPhone, though—which I imagine is quite a few of you—may have to worry because Apple CarPlay is not yet available. But the biggest reason for using either of these systems—the bad standard infotianment—is sorted thanks to the Google OS. Regardless of what kind of phone you use all of your Bluetooth functions work and you get competent navigation software and all the apps you could ever want—even YouTube and Netflix. 

If that sounds a little dangerous, fear not, it’s not designed to work while you drive, it is instead intended to distract you while the car charges. So three videos like this one at a Fast Charger and you’re good to go.