Lynk & Co just put their 03 Cyan around the most famous track in the world. And with 2017 World Touring Car champion Thed Björk behind the wheel, the 528 hp car was able to lap the track in 7 minutes, 20 seconds.

Lynk calls that the fastest ever road-legal four-door front-driver around the circuit. It's actually within 20 seconds of the Jaguar Project 8 rear-drive sedan. Though here's the thing. While Lynk & Co is calling it a road-legal record, this isn't exactly what you'd call a production car. It's basically the 03 WTCC car with probably some more power and a set of license plates. They say they're building some, but unlike the Jag, and the former FWD record holder Renault Megane Trophy R, you can't buy one, or anything much like it, now.

That doesn't make the video of the ultra-fast lap less interesting, though, so sit and have a watch.