Unboxing videos are a phenomenon we don't quite understand, but if all of them were as cool as this new commercial from Volvo , we might understand why they're so popular.

As part of the launch for its new VNL series of semi trucks, Volvo decided to set the record for 'World's Largest Unboxing'. First they had to get someone that would truly appreciate the opportunity of "unboxing" a full-size transport truck, though. In other words, they had to find a 3-year old boy.

Volvo managed to track down a hardcore truck enthusiast in the way of 3-year old Joel. The company then parked its new VNL out front of Joel's house inside of a mock product box that made it look like a full-size toy. When Joel's mom brought him out on the special day, he was understandably stoked. As a kid we liked getting a scaled down toy - we can't imagine how happy we'd be if we walked out to see this.

If you want to see what true happiness looks like, watch Joel set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever unboxing in the video above.

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