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wastegate rattle,surging 2.5T TD04L-14T

hey guys,

i just picked up an 04 S80 2.5T with a check engine light on for boost pressure too high.

It makes a rattle noise on cold start, I found the noise is coming from the wastegate door on the turbo

also I noted some oil dribbling down the cold side of the turbo aluminum housing and some near the return pipe, granted its going to need to have the oil trap replaced but before I do that I want to solve the check engine light.

I have a good turbo in my 2.4T donor car, is this the same unit the use in the 2.5T? I noticed the charge pipe are a different diameter and thats about it.

The car surges if you drive it hard. And seems a bit underpowered if you dont.

Would it be best to swap the turbos or is this one fixable? The S60 is high miles but the engine internals are shiny and i replaced the oil trap before things got bad so there is no oil leaking from the turbo at all.


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yeah it turns out the turbo on the s60 has a lot of play in it anyway

It look like i may just pick up a used turbo from erie vovo, seem the have the best prices and stock.

Is there any reason to have it rebuilt if its coming out of a low mileage car?

I know I should google it but is there anything else that should be replaced when doing the turbo beside the

manifold to turbo gasket
turbo to exhaust gasket
crush washers
drain tube gaskets

.. anything im missing?

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I think I've pinned the problem being the piece at the end of the rod that slides over the lever for the wastegate is now oblong rather than a circle. I'll get a picture up later.

Today I'm going to try swapping just that piece and re-adjust the wastegate and take it around the block, maybe just see if it starts up quieter...

I couldnt find any psi spec for adjusting wastegate on this turbo anywhere! Its either 4.4 or 1.8? Or somewhere in between? I'm leaning toward 1.8..

engine is B5254T2 2.5T

right now the thing isnt even preloaded so its just jiggling around, i hate to think how long its been driven like this

There is still a lot of shaft play on the wastegate arm on the 14T which probably caused the rod end to eggshape, but if I could swap just the housing from the 13T that would be a perfect economical solution for me, because that one is still pretty tight. But this is a lot of work.

Every bit I can use from that S60 is always a plus

Edit: found a little more info on decoding the turbo numbers
It's simple. HL refers to the wheel/housing size on the turbine side.

Wheel Exducer (in.) Inducer (in.) Trim
so it seems a housing swap is not possibly, still cant find wastegate psi spec

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I ended up just using the locknut as a guide and put it in same position as old one.

But after that another problem arose.

Anyway now for the pictures...

The Problem

Pin was eroded aswell.

My Bushfix solution

Its only temporary to clear the check engine light and so I'll be able to focus on some other fixes while I get the car Inspected.

I've test drove it and it boosts nice also upon releasing the throttle there is a nice 'woosh' sound.

Also the cold start rattle has disappeared somewhat.

Have you guys ever seen anything like this happen?

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Yeah, it took me forever to saw through that metal, I'm afraid whatever caused this problem in the first place will make short work of my bolt and 3 nuts.

Yeah, the S60 is retired, its got frame damage, radiator is busted, I also lost the key.

I'm about to take the tie rods and swap them over too... I'm glad its not going to waste, I put a lot of new parts on it when I was driving a lot.

Hopefully the accident didn't ruin them cause the ones on the S80 are toast, else I'll have to find the warranty.

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150 miles later fix is still holding up nicely, some latest pictures and work done

Also found the correct wastegate pressure table in VIDA, will post here for future reference.

12.5 kPa (1.81 psi) is what i needed.

Although I have begun searching for a low mileage 16T, for possibly better performance and peace of mind.

Engine Adjustment pressure
B5204T 12.5 kPa
B5204T2 12.5 kPa
B5204T3 15 kPa
B5204T3, from model year 1999 18 kPa
B5204T4 12.5 kPa
B5204T5 12.5 kPa
B5234T 12.5 kPa
B5234T2 30 kPa
B5234T3 30 kPa
B5234T4 12.5 kPa
B5234T4 R-line, from model year 1998 28 kPa
B5234T5 12.5 kPa
B5234T6 30 kPa
B5234T7 12.5 kPa
B5234T8 30 kPa
B5244T 12.5 kPa
B5244T2 30 kPa
B5244T3 12.5 kPa
B5244T7 12.5 kPa
B5254T 12.5 kPa
B5254T2 12.5 kPa
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