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This is a follow up to an offshoot topic in another post. I am attaching directions and a response to a question on running higher boost levels I had gotten from guys at IPD. The car has had the mod done for several months and all is well.

First the instructions:

Hi Bill,
> Feel free to post the modification, but please preface it with an
> "At Your Own Risk", as we don't have information as to what the long term
> effects may be.

It's not possible to change the maximum boost level w/o check engine
lights, but you can adjust the base wastegate setting to improve bottom end
throttle response and torque. The base setting is about 1.5 psi, you can
safely raise this to 6-8 psi. This will give almost instant boost production
in response to throttle input. If you over do it, you will have a hard time
preventing the tires from spinning on take off so you might have to
experiment a bit. You'll need a boost gauge or other accurate low pressure
gauge that you can temporarily use to adjust the wastegate. We use a
radiator pressure tester / pump that has a built in gauge. You can get these
for around $50 or borrow one. Remove the heat shield above the turbo,
disconnect the wastegate actuator line at the turbo controller valve (TCV)
and attach the pump and gauge to this line. Make sure your connections are
tight, you don't want any leaks to cause erroneous adjustments. Disconnect
the waste gate actuator rod form the waste gate lever (C-clip or spring
clip). Loosen the 10mm lock nut and shorten the rod so that it exactly
lines up and drops over the closed waste gate lever when 6 psi is applied to
the actuator. Test and adjust to suit your personal tastes. Do not exceed 8
psi, it won't hurt anything, but performance will be reduced and you will
get a check engine lamp as the ECU is sensing that the wastegate is
operating beyond the control range of the TCV.

Now a reply:

While on that subject.... any idea of long term issues with me running
the IPD ECU and hitting 17-18PSI on occasion?

Hi Bill,

Since we only keep project cars for a year or two, I think the most we've
ever put on one is 42,000. These cars usually get driven by the press and do
a lot of testing. They aren't abused, but they are driven hard. We've never
had any problems. I have seen customers on some of the chat sites with over
100K on their cars reporting that they have seen no side effects. We also
usually keep in touch with people that purchase our cars and I know that two
of them have over 100K on them and are still running strong. It's my opinion
that they should lead a pretty normal life if they are maintained normally
and don't spend too much time at or near redline. We have been involved in
some testing and race development where motors of this family were allowed
to run as much boost as the knock sensors would allow and no rev limiter.
Failures usually occurred at high revs in the form of bent connecting rods
above 6500 RPM. I haven't seen or heard of any problems related to excessive
boost detonation, such as burnt pistons.
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