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Wastegate Adjustment

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I know, I know, you've seen this topic 100s of times, but I have a sort of different question...

I just removed this adjustment from my car beause my mechanic told me it was bad for the engine... I was always under the impression that it would not have a negative affect on the car, well... I'd rather be safe than sorry.

He also told me that this is a temporary adjustment, that after a couple hours, it will return to stock settings on its own...

I hate to doubt him, but I have read otherwise on this board and others...

Could you guys & girls please tell me if this is only a temporary adjustment and if it is bad for the engine?
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alrighty then...

is anyone out there? hello...hello...hello... ok, just kiddin

could someone at least take a peak at this little post??
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The adjustment stays like it is....some people have said that the ECU will just correct it....but it hasn't on many cars i know of..(mine included)

I do not think that the adjustment is going to hurt the engine, as long as you dont do more than...say 6 turns....(pushing it)

Many people say that 3 is about the right amount to do....and it will give you a bit more spool...and i have played around with it for a bit, and I hardly noticed it at 2....noticed it more at 3.....saw a huge difference at 5 and 6 was like installing a boost controller.....but with huge boost spikes...

since i actually did get a boost controller i turned it back down to 4 turns....and with no problems...

I think that a boost controller and a couple of turns is the best thing to do...

I dont think that 3 turns will have ANY negative effect

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whats a boost controller, I think I know, but Im not sure. Also, If I was to get one, will I still need to upgrade the ecu, or could I get the boost controller and then get the ecu later. I ask because it seems that ecu's require some downtime while the chip is programed, and they are expensive. sorry to but in on someone elses post, but I did the same thing and started to worry. I did 3 turns, I may try 4 or 5 now, not sure. Thanks.
Hey man,

Don't worry about entering my post, I've done it tons of times to others, feel free, it's all good

Thanks Pete for the suggestions, my ecu didn't reset it when I adjusted it either, I was just wondering
3 to 4 turns is cool kinda in the middle...it dos t hurt the engine...well nothing hast broken ...i hope...i tweaked it up on my mums car
she noticed the differnce!!!
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At 3 turns (haven't tried the others yet) the ECU does correct for extra boost. BUT, if you romp on it (I'm guessing) I don't think the ECU has time to react and it will give you an extra 2psi. If you get on it slowly where you start to make boost, then nail it, it will stay at (the stock) 8psi.
So, Austin, what are you saying? Are you saying that the ECU will detect the adjustments and keep it at stock settings if you casually use the throttle? Or are you saying that the ECU wlll detect the adjustments no matter what you do?

I don't really know if it knows it or not, but it doesn't seem to do (or be able to do) anything about it when you romp on it.
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Man, I had the PES Chip until last week when it stopped working... literally, I took it out, put in the stock chip, came back home from the dealersihp, and put it back in, and it didn't work... the car wouldn't start. But anyways, that's getting fixed... I just want a quick fix for the meantime, thanks

Austin: OK, I was just trying to make sure that the adjustment wouldn't be useless, thanks for clearing that up.
Hey All,

I just turned up the boost (2 turns) on my '96 855R; what a difference!
Throttle response is much improved,
overall power definitely increased, at full throttle tires break loose quicker than usual. Makes "Economy" mode feel like "Sport"! Car is definitely quicker...

I have heard the ECU will bump back boost down if the wastegate is adjusted too far into boost curve; staying below that leaves the improvement in place.

Volvo had a fix for "driveability" (read LAG) with a "delay valve" that basically does the same thing.

Has anyone mounted a boost guage NOT using ipd's not-so-nice pillar set up.I'm tall and with the seat all the way back, guage is pointed away just enough to be annoying.
$100 bucks for a $30 guage offends my Yankee (miser) outlook as well...

'96 855R Flam-Rod 120k
SuperSprint, K&N, Bosch +4
Bilsteins, ipd Tow springs (clunk)
E-Code Headlights (bright!)
Yokohama 215/45-17 AVSi (sticky, but cheap)
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