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On Thursday, my car went in for it's sixth warranty visit. While there, I had a couple of other items tuned up as well. Here's the score card:

Auto trans flush - They did this in the hope that some of my rough shifting could be remedied with higher-quality trans fluid. So far there is no difference.

Front seats rocking & clicking - They fixed this with the cutest little shock absorbers you've ever seen (they're like miniature hatch supports). These are new, and they haven't officially released them as a fix for this apparently common problem yet. They wanted my feedback. So far it's a thumbs up.

Climate control erratic - They replaced the evaporator temp sensor. I can't tell if it works right yet, since I'll need to drive it for a bit longer.

Remote memory seat - ug. See other thread of similar title. NOT FIXED.

Tow hitch leaning to the left - they made it lean only half way to the left now. It may be close enough to straight to give this one up. Not worth the aggrivation.

Change to one-step unlock - Cool! I'm always getting into all the doors and the hatch when I unlock the door (baby and dog), so this is a nice convenience. I had expected the hatch button to follow along and open the hatch with only one push too, but no luck there. The software for this costs $22 and they want about an hour labor for the download. They threw in the labor on this one.

Increase temp of heated seats - I now have 107 on high, and 104 on low. High is now a butt-blistering experience. As the car came, I could not tell any difference if the heaters were on low or off, so they cranked these up to max. This is a good thing, I think. Does anybody know what the stock temperatures are?

That's the whole shootin' match. They think they fixed the hitch and they didn't think the remote seats needed fixing (for the fourth time!) and they still know my transmission needs some serious help. But they did manage to remove several items from my list...so we're getting closer at least. For the first time ever, I at least feel like I can see the end (or will it be the beginning of trouble free driving?) from here. A guy can hope, can't he?

- Darell
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