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I live about 4 hrs from a dealer and am going in to have some parts installed, receiver and wiring for towing, engine block heater.

I will also ask for a few warranty items to be fixed..

rear wiper spray not working

rain sensor not working

transmission shifting more noticeable or more emphatic when cold

steering fluid leak.... (at least I hope that's what that leak on the garage floor is, it looks like some weeping around the clamp on top of the resevoir, so that's what I'm thinking)

It's an 04 XC70 with 18,000 miles. Any suggestions to inquire about? Something to be sure to have checked?

Being so far from any Volvo certified repair facility makes me want to cover all the possibilities on each trip I do have to make, so if you have words of wisdom for me, .....thanks in advance.
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