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Wanted: please help, '90 240 door panel

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Hi, my friend has a '90 240 wagon. And today it was victim to a stupid chick who broke his passenger map pocket door panel, she used her foot to open the door by kicking the map pocket and put a nice hole through it, I'll let you comment on her intelligence...
I know this has to be a common broken piece. I know my mom's was always broken (cause I used to break it as a kid) and my other friends 740 GLT has broken map pockets cause his dad is a moron.
Do any of you have any spares (the interior is blue) or know of anyone who does?
thanks so much in advance...
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swedishbricks.com bullitin constantly has people selling map pockets for 240 ....i think somebody had that color this week up for sale...signup to signon...if no luck let me know...i can send you to junk yards that will send you one by mail charged to a credit [email protected]
I'm on Long Island also...there's a guy not far from you...he's on the Dix Hills /Deer Park border who breaks up 240 and 740 cars in his backyard for parts...he is a nice guy to deal with and his parts are reaonably priced...he can be reached at 631-667-8105 his name is Roger...tell him Howie Silverman said to call...if he has what you need you can probably make up with him to run over and pick it up for cash on the spot...
If for some reason that number isd wrong for Roger try 631-667-8109...sorry...Howie
If that number is incorrect for roger then try 631-667-8109...sorry...Howie
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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