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hey everyone.
long time lurker over here, but since i deal with rwd i have been more active over at TB

i am looking for a decent 240 wagon, preferably 90+
i am prepared to pay a decent amount for the right car...

i am located in san antonio tx, and will be moving to around york PA, something within 300miles of either of those places would be great... but i am willing to travel farther if need be, but i do not have the time to take a trip to the west coast at the moment as i am moving and have my hands full, soooo... within 300 miles would be nice.

no rust please...
i prefer some sort of blue, but will take what i can get in the condition i want.
sub 200k, original paint, matching interior.. is preferred...
mild bolt on stuff is fine, but i do not want a modified car...

i will go for something high mileage, before i go for any rust...

thanks everyone... take care.
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