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Wanted - 850 R/T-5/GLT or s70 T5R/GLT

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If I could buy Adam's Canadian T5R, I would! But instead I'm looking to buy sometime this summer a strong running, not aesthetically challenged Volvo as follows:

Under $5000 or preferably closer to $3000
Prefer sedan
Prefer manual but auto trans is fine
Prefer 850 R or s70 T5R but other turbo models of interest
Good shape in terms of exterior and interior (6 of 10 or above)
Well maintained engine, suspension, exhaust, etc.. - no leaks, warning lights, major problems
Stock is fine
Any mileage is fine (as long as the car has been thoughtfully and well-maintained)
Located in Northeast, Midwest, Southeast...in that order. Maybe Denver area at furthest?

I figure the chances of this kind of car showing up and my being able to jump on it before someone else (I just can't do this quickly or lightly), is slim, but I thought I'd put this out here. I need a second car and I sure would like to have a 1997 850r or similar one more time...something to fuss over. ;)

Thanks for any solid leads or options you can provide. You can email me (in my profile) or send a message via Swedespeed...I look every day.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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