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Want to take my 2001 v70 back to oem land

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Yes, I want to un-pimp my ride. I'm the new owner of a 2001 v70 T5 that came with HID's installed in 2005 headlight assembly. I can't get the warning lights to go after several false starts, the 2005 assembly doesn't seem to be an exact fit, and there is a broken off bulb floating inside one of the assembly. Also, I plan to keep the car for a long time and think the oem look helps for a classic look over time. But the main reason is I'm compulsive about that warning light and message.
So, for starters, what is the recommended service manual to help guide through general repairs? I've done some searches but haven't come up with the overriding favorite. Also searched for removal and installation instructions but came up short there. Any directions on getting taken out the old ones or putting the new ones in would also be helpful.
I assume I need to get both the headlight assembly and the original wiring harness, correct? What's a good place online to source these? Is there a chance somebody might want to swap the originals for the sharp 35 watt hid kits?
Overall, I'm enjoying the v70 and look forward to putting many miles on the car and meeting some more volvo fans. I went to a volvo club meet here in Atlanta yesterday and found the folks pretty friendly. So all in all I'm off to a good start.
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I would just change the bulbs since the headlights were hardwired in ...
Re: Want to take my 2001 v70 back to oem land (Steely)

fyi also alvailable from:


for a lot less now.
Thanks for the info. I've ordered a manual and IM'd luckbuck. More to follow, I hope.
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