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My new downpipe failed in approximately 18 months, less than 15K miles on 2004 S60R.
Someone on Ebay has started a business refurbishing them so I am not the only one with problems.
The flex section failed causing exhaust noise and leaking.

Bought a complete stainless downpipe with cat for just over $500 shipped from Revolve in Mass. Came with metal gaskets for turbo and exhaust pipe. Installed without any problems.

Only drawback is the turbo flange does not have the bolt for the heat shield and there was not a support for the wire on the rear O2 sensor. Tied the wire to the heat shield to keep it away from the pipe. Waiting to see if there is noise from front heat shield before I apply the large hose clamp.

Was considering an OBX system until I read about people having to grind the turbo flange or replace it to make it fit.
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