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This is Theseus, named after the ancient thought experiment “that raises the question of whether a ship that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally the same object.”

I grew up in various Volvo wagons, traversing the North American continent stuffed with the luggage in the 3rd row seat more times than I’d like to remember. I learned to drive in an ‘02 XC70 and I always loved that car, but when I moved out to the west coast years ago I left that all behind. This past fall I was in the market for a new daily driver and the exposure to my friend’s ‘07 S60R reawakened my love of all things Volvo. I’m back and here to stay!

Previously, I wasn’t crazy about cars and I’m lucky to be in the LA area and not have a real commute, so I was really just looking for wagon that could get decent mpg and be a comfortable people hauler for road trips or nights out. Thus I decided on a base ‘07 V70 and a couple months later I found a pretty solid one in San Diego. It was up to date on critical maintenance, sounded good, shifted well, and was not burning oil, so I picked it up. Downside was that the interior was downright “tooty-fruity”. I had to get it detailed just to be able to drive it home! (Notice me skywolf!)

A couple of cleaning sessions and some baseline maintenance later I embarked on my journey to rebuild, replace, improve and generally make this car mine. Now that I am ending the first leg, Theseus is ready to meet the world.

What has been done:
  • Installed a GROM unit
  • Installed OEM rubber mats + tunnel cover
  • Installed a roof rack and crossbars from an ‘02 XC70
  • Swapped in a minty rear bench from an ‘02 XC70
  • Swapped in two minty T5 seats from a ‘07 S60 T5 of boosted_xc's
  • Swapped the center console with an ‘07 XC70
  • Replaced sun roof assembly
  • Replaced lock pins
  • Replaced wiper and signal control stalks
  • Replaced the headlights
  • Replaced most of the carpet panels in the trunk
  • Replaced the insulation under the carpet
  • Replaced the steering wheel with wood sport wheel from an S80
  • Replaced the shift knob with wood one
  • Replaced the dash cowl and front door handles with leather + blue stitching ones
  • Rebuilt the vents to fix missing parts
  • Steam cleaned the car twice!
  • Touch up painted the bumpers with 426 to tide me over as I decide what I’m gonna do there
  • Fixed the anti-skid message :(
  • Replaced the entire front strut assemblies, control arm bushing, fixed sun roof, fixed gas door, and too many other things
  • Replaced both mirrors
  • Added IPD Eggcrate Grille & 125mm matte badge
  • Replaced gas cap and lock

Very interested in your feedback, advice, and questions! I plan on adding some posts to this thread covering some of the more interesting things I have learned in all my swapping. This is just the beginning!

I'll leave you with a shot of my favorite part of the car, those minty front seats and the excessive wood trim.
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Very nice. Wing, e codes and an aux light kit would make a nice touch

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Looks great. Welcome to the V70 family!
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