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Gothenburg, Sweden - All Volvo's car models were found in the best class when the British insurance research company Thatcham presented their New Car Whiplash Rating on 7 October.

Volvo was one of three makes that had their entire vehicle range in the best rating class.

Thatcham has carried out static tests to measure how the head restraints in 500 European car models are designed and positioned.

"We are very proud of coming out so well," says Volvo Car Corporation whiplash expert Lotta Jakobsson. "Volvo has long understood how important head restraints are, and led the industry in introducing them.

"However, static evaluations of head restraints only show a part of what happens in real life. That is why Volvo for over a decade has worked over and above the static head restraint question, in 1998 introducing the whiplash protection system WHIPS.

In Volvo's WHIPS, the entire front seat is designed to help protect the occupant's neck in a rear impact as the seat and head restraint gently move backwards to cushion the movement of the head and upper body. This also reduces the forward rebound, which also usually takes place.

"After having had the system in our cars in real life traffic for four years, the feedback from our accident research team shows promising results," says Lotta Jakobsson.
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