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Ok guys, one more brake question. As I have mentioned I have upgraded the Rotors to Power Slot rotors along with the lines and pads. Though I hate the darn pads. Anyway, I was told that Volvo used a sliding caliper on the 850's to save money. I guess the reasoning being that a sliding caliper with bigger rotors is cheaper and more efficiant than small rotors with fixed calipers. Anyway, is it possible to convert the brakes to the fixed type. I could be using the wrong word here, but the kind with pistons on both sides instead of just one. Can I get a 4 piston caliper and adapt it to fit my rotors and will this improve anything. I dont want to add the big brake kits because they require 17" wheels, not an option in the winter. Im not gonna have two sets of 17" wheels around just so I can have bigger brakes, its also a really expensive upgrade. Thanks for any help you can offer, I would appreciate it.
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