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Re: Volvo's bluetooth kit - multiple phones (Pinstripe)

Quote, originally posted by Pinstripe »
I have a question that has not been answered by the other bluetooth kit threads. Both my wife and I have BT phone and we only have our 1 car. What happens with this kit once both phones have been paired:

1- We are both in the car at the same time, how does the kit select which phone to pair with?
2- If I am driving and my phone is paired and I get out of the car and she keeps driving solo, will it automatically switch over to her phone?
3- If engine is turned off with my wife having driven last, will it automatically pickup my phone if I get in and drive?


As I have the exact same predicament...

1- It favors who ever previously drove the car.
2- Yes, but it takes it a while. (a min or 2)
3- Yes, as long as her phone isn't in range. And by in range, I mean when my wife borrows my car, it connects to my phone in the house. Then disconnects when she drives away.

Remember, it's a simple voice command to change the current user. "Connect phone #"
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