Volvo wearies of your tired automotive cliches. "Nurburgring?" says Volvo coolly. "No, we've never heard of it." Instead the classy automaker is testing its new XC60 in Amsterdam.

According to these pictures, the new SUV looks to be about the same as the old XC60, but with more space expected on the inside.

Volvo XC60 2

The XC60 being tested here has Volvo's ubiquitous 2.0L T5 turbo engine, which delivers 254hp. When the SUV makes it to market, though, it's expected to get a range of 4-cylinder engines, including diesel engines in Europe, a plug-in hybrid, and even, maybe, a 3-cylinder option.

We also expect the XC60 to come with the full suite of safety features that came in the XC90, including City Safety, Large Animal Detection, and more.

XC60 Volvo 4

XC60 Volvo 5

XC60 Volvo 6