Volvo is getting ready to release the latest addition to its lineup, the XC40, and for this small, premium SUV they're ditching the Scandi cool in favor a little more color.

"Our customer research clearly showed that for the XC40 and for this segment, we needed a wider selection of colors and materials than we usually offer," said Robin Page, Senior VP of Design. "As Volvo Cars has never designed a car like the XC40 before, we could start from scratch and give it energy and playfulness."

That means the new small luxury vehicle will come with the potential for dozens of interior and exterior color combinations, as well as new materials and patterns that will give every owner the chance to make their XC40 truly their own.

Inspiration for all this individualization comes from street fashion, city architecture, high-end designer goods, and pop culture, setting the XC40 apart from its brethren.

"We took inspiration for the XC40 color and materials from many different sources, mixing them and putting them back together into something cohesive," said Ebba Maria Thunberg, VP of Color and Materials. "What we created is a car with a tough attitude that feels fresh, energetic and confident."

Best of all, it sounds like the XC40 might come in two-tone colors. "A broad selection of possible color combinations range from a solid, monochromatic theme, to dual compositions in vivid colors," wrote Volvo in its press release.

On the inside, meanwhile, Volvo is already giving hints of what they have in mind by revealing that "Lava Orange" carpets will be available--which should help games of the floor is made of lava--and "Oxide Red" upholstery will be there to match it. And the carpets (along with the headliners and door inserts) will be available in natural, felt-based materials, to give a modern feel.

It all will contribute to making this the most expressive and personalizable Volvo on the market.